Miriam Ropschitz

Sacred Sexual Self Care

Unlock the power of sacred self-care and sexual awakening. Embrace a profound journey into your authentic sexual essence with our online course.

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Miriam Ropschitz


Meditation & Spirituality


3 Chapters • 10 Videos • 6 Audios




Also available in French

About Sacred Sexual Self Care

Discover the transformative potential of Sacred Sexual Self Care, an immersive self-study online course designed for women (and those who identify as women). If you're a spiritual individual dedicated to self-care and holistic well-being, this course offers you the tools to integrate a deep, ritualistic, and sacred self-pleasure practice into your life. Throughout the journey, you'll learn to connect with your feminine power center—your womb and yoni, and explore the cultivation of sexual energy. The course includes techniques for therapeutic yoni massage, de-armoring, and the exploration of healing internal orgasms. Grounded in trauma-informed principles, this course provides gentle yet powerful guidance to support your profound exploration of your authentic sexual essence.

Miriam Ropschitz

Miriam Ropschitz, based in the UK, is an esteemed writer and leader in women’s work, guiding others in menstrual and sexual wisdom. Born in Somerset, England in the late 80s, Miriam has dedicated the last decade to studying, practicing, and teaching feminine reclamation and embodied spiritual practices. In her early-20s, she left her journalism career in the UK to immerse herself in transformative learning experiences, spending seven years between a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand and India. These years were pivotal, as she engaged deeply in tantric practices, participated in ceremonies with plant teachers, and embraced the stillness of silent retreats. Miriam has since taken her wealth of knowledge to the global stage, sharing her insights through retreats, festivals, and workshops worldwide.

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Getting to Know Your Pelvic Bowl

This practice is called "getting to know your pelvic bowl". Please sit comfortably bringing a cushion underneath the bottom for support, crossing the legs, taking a long spine as you would in a meditation seat.

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Breast Massage Practice

In this practise we're going to look at breast breathing and breast massage.

Key learnings

1. Cultivate a sacred self-pleasure practice

2. Connect with your feminine power center

3. Harness and cultivate your sexual energy

4. Explore therapeutic yoni massage

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The Womb Space

Coming Home To Your Sacred Womb
Getting to Know Your Pelvic Bowl
Womb Clearing Meditation

Pathways to Pleasure

Self-Pleasure Priestess

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Miriam Ropschitz

Sacred Sexual Self Care

Unlock the power of sacred self-care and sexual awakening. Embrace a profound journey into your authentic sexual essence with our online course.

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