Lisa de Jong

Menstrual cycle wellness

An online course to create self-care around the menstrual cycle to ease any physical suffering and cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.

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Lisa de Jong


Sexual health


9 Chapters • 31 Videos • 3 Audios • 6 Lectures




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About Menstrual cycle wellness

Join our transformative online course that redefines self-care by focusing on the menstrual cycle. Whether you experience regular PMS, period pain, or have been diagnosed with conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, or PMDD, we've got you covered. We know you've tried various options, from painkillers to natural supplements, and even delved into books on hormone health, but you're still searching for a solution.

Lisa de Jong

Lisa de Jong is a versatile coach, therapeutic practitioner, and educator situated in the bustling heart of Dublin, Ireland. She is deeply committed to aiding individuals on their journey from pain to empowerment, specializing in navigating menstrual cycle challenges, chronic pain, trauma, and burnout. With her innovative techniques and compassionate approach, Lisa ensures that each client is supported and guided toward reclaiming their strength and vitality. Her work not only transforms pain into power but also educates and enriches, making Lisa a pivotal figure in her clients' paths to holistic well-being.

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Getting to know our nervous system

This episode helps us grasp the intricacies of our nervous system, not just on an intellectual level but by embodying its profound influence on the menstrual cycle and beyond.

Psychology around the cycle

In this episode, we delve into the heart of the psychology of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is much more than a series of physiological changes; it significantly impacts our emotional well-being as well.

Key learnings

1. Understand the daily fluctuations in your menstrual cycle.

2. Learn to tailor self-care for each cycle phase.

3. Cultivate enhanced daily well-being creating a balanced life.

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Lens of Awareness

Paving the way for cycle self-care

Getting to know our nervous system

Health for happy hormones

Diet and movement

Self-care implementation

Psychology and the cycle

The inner critic

Creative and spiritual self-care

Integration of self-care

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Lisa de Jong

Menstrual cycle wellness

An online course to create self-care around the menstrual cycle to ease any physical suffering and cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.

Lisa de Jong

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