Kiki Maree

Pelvic Blossoming

Embark on a transformative journey to enhance intimacy and self-awareness. Reconnect with your body, overcome self-acceptance challenges, and discover a more fulfilling and empowered self.

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Kiki Maree




4 Chapters • 16 Videos



About Pelvic Blossoming

Our online course is tailored for individuals seeking to enrich their intimacy and deepen their self-awareness. If you've ever felt disconnected from your body, grappled with self-acceptance, encountered difficulties with pleasure, or experienced stress related to intimacy, this program offers a healing and self-discovery path. It covers a wide spectrum of topics, including holistic womb wellness practices, techniques for balancing the nervous system through mindfulness, breathwork to enhance well-being and pleasure, pelvic health exercises, self-awareness through mapping and massage, and cervical de-armouring methods. This course empowers you to cultivate a more fulfilling and empowered self, fostering a deeper connection with your body and intimate well-being.

Kiki Maree

Based in Australia, Kiki Maree is a renowned Yoni Massage practitioner, trainer, Sexologist, and Sex Coach trainer, celebrated for her gentle, informative, and inclusive approach to gender-inclusive sex education. Kiki provides a range of services including certified trainings, group and one-on-one coaching sessions, online courses, and a lively, educational podcast alongside Tanishka Tantrika. From a tender age, Kiki has been fervently dedicated to women's wisdom teachings and exploring female sexuality, initiating yoni viewings with classmates at 7 and girls circles at 12. Her core mission revolves around empowering women in embracing their sexuality, fostering a profound understanding of their bodies, and demystifying the female sexual arousal response.

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Creating Space IV

In this video, we're going to explore some simple practices to better support your pelvic floor.

Yoni Mapping & Massage

In this video, we're going to explore yoni mapping and massage and ways to release some tensions, connecting with pleasure and knowing your anatomy.

Key learnings

1. Cultivate holistic womb wellness practices

2. Utilize mindfulness techniques

3. Employ breathwork exercises

4. Practice pelvic health exercises

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Creating Space

Creating Space I
Creating Space II
Creating Space III

Cervical Connection

Vulva & Vagina Vitality


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Kiki Maree

Pelvic Blossoming

Embark on a transformative journey to enhance intimacy and self-awareness. Reconnect with your body, overcome self-acceptance challenges, and discover a more fulfilling and empowered self.

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