Libby Sheppard

Mindful Masturbation

Discover empowerment through self-exploration. Elevate your confidence with tasteful video tutorials, hands-on exercises, and expert insights.

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Libby Sheppard


Meditation & Spirituality


9 Chapters • 33 Videos • 4 Audios • 5 Lectures




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About Mindful Masturbation

Unveil the empowering journey of guilt-free self-exploration with our comprehensive course on personal pleasure. Through elegant video tutorials, engaging practical exercises, and expert guidance, you'll gain a newfound understanding of your own body, desires, and essential skills for sexual satisfaction. Join us in this sensual and mindful voyage of self-discovery, offering a safe and confidence-boosting space to embrace your own intimacy with empowerment and liberation.

Libby Sheppard

Libby Sheppard is an esteemed Intimacy Coach based in the UK, with a unique specialization in the art of sensual touch. Merging her profound knowledge in Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, meditation, and coaching, she creates an unparalleled experience for her clients. Libby is passionately committed to leading individuals on a transformative journey toward intensified sensations, profound relaxation, and an overall enriched life filled with pleasure. Her approach is both holistic and heart-centered, ensuring that every client she works with is able to unlock new dimensions of intimacy and joy.

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Concept of mindful masturbation

Explore the concept of "Mindful Masturbation" in this episode, where we delve into the practice of self-pleasure with awareness and intention. Uncover the techniques and insights that can elevate your solo intimate experiences, promoting self-connection, self-care, and deeper satisfaction.

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Vulva massages I

Dive into the world of sensuality with our "Vulva Massage" episode, where we explore the art of intimate touch and relaxation. Discover the techniques and insights that can enhance your connection with your own body, fostering self-love and personal pleasure.

Key learnings

1. Gain empowerment through shame-free self-exploration.

2. Master essential skills for personal sexual satisfaction.

3. Deepen your understanding of your own body and desires.

4. Embrace intimacy with confidence and safety.

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Introduction to self-pleasure journey

Concept of mindful masturbation

Connect with your body

Introduction to connecting with your body

Body Awareness

Genital connection

Genital anatomy (explicit)

Genital massage (explicit)

Giving and/or receiving (explicit)

Masturbation practices

Sensuality and seduction (explicit)

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Libby Sheppard

Mindful Masturbation

Discover empowerment through self-exploration. Elevate your confidence with tasteful video tutorials, hands-on exercises, and expert insights.

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