Intimacy and Pregnancy

This course offers guidance for a fulfilling sex life while expecting.

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About Intimacy and Pregnancy

Discover the secrets to enjoying a fulfilling and intimate sexual life during pregnancy with 'Sex and Pregnancy.' Led by a seasoned expert in sexual health and motherhood, this online course offers practical guidance and invaluable insights to empower expecting mothers and their partners. Explore the nuances of desire, pleasure, and intimacy during this transformative journey, and deepen your connection with your partner amidst the joys and challenges of pregnancy.

Dr Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim, Ph.D., is a leading voice in human sexuality, reshaping discourse with her innovative approach through books, online platforms, and nearly two decades of private practice

Key learnings

1. Understand the dynamics of intimacy during pregnancy

2. Techniques to enhance intimacy for expecting mothers

3. Navigating pregnancy with confidence

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Welcome to 'Sex & Pregnancy'
Is it safe?
Sexual desire during pregnancy
Body image & Desire
Sex positions during pregnancy

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Intimacy and Pregnancy

This course offers guidance for a fulfilling sex life while expecting.

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