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Embark on a journey of deeper connection with our "Loving Men" course. Navigate challenges, cultivate a sexually alive connection, and leave with a toolkit to enhance intimacy.

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About Loving Men

Discover a transformative exploration of male sexuality in our "Loving Men" course. Delve into the challenges faced by men in sex, pleasure, and intimacy, gaining insights to cultivate a more alive and fulfilling relationship. This program goes beyond conventional norms, offering practical tools, and leaving you with enhanced confidence, a fresh perspective on intimacy, and a profound appreciation for the depth of male sexuality.

Bonnie Bliss

Bonnie Bliss stands out as a distinguished Somatic Sexologist and Intimacy Educator in Australia, earning recognition as one of the top 10 Australian female 'Change Makers' in the wellness field by Body+Soul Magazine. With a profound dedication to women's pelvic wellness and embodiment teaching, Bonnie has devoted the past decade to guiding thousands of women globally through a journey of self-discovery within their own bodies. Her innovative and compassionate approach empowers women to unlock their full potential, fostering a deep sense of connection and intimacy with themselves. Bonnie Bliss is not just a coach; she is a catalyst for transformative wellness and intimate education.

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Introduction of a Cock Massage

This video is an introduction to giving an incredible cock massage. Contrary to popular belief, it's not all about the strokes. There are certain other things to know that will make it a next-level experience for your lover or partner.

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Demonstration of a Cock Massage

This video shows the strokes and their names.... and below you'll find a PDF summary of the various cock massage strokes that Bonnie demonstrated, with names that are hopefully memorable! Remember, the strokes and technique are really only 10% of what matters, so don't get too caught up in trying to do it 'perfectly', it's more about your intention and being really present, connected & loving. You also won't use all the techniques each time, this is just a little menu of options to explore. Who knows, you might even invent your own strokes!

Key learnings

1. Acquire practical techniques for truly pleasuring a man

2. Benefit from profound insights from men

3. Develop more confidence and inspiration in the bedroom


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Loving Men is a bonus module for those who relate with men or penis owners. We explore some of the challenges men face when it comes to sexuality, how we feel about penises, male anatomy and more.

Sexual Challenges Men Face

In this video, taken from a previous masterclass, we explore various sexual challenges that can impact men and their relationship with their bodies, sexuality and cock. These are topics that aren't discussed often, but are important to know about.

Your Cock Story

What's your story when it comes to the cock? How do you feel about this part of a partners' body? Do you feel nervous about it? Does it intimidate you? Does some part of you think it's a bit gross? What experiences have impacted how you see this part of a lover? We are all influenced by our experiences, people around us, the culture we live in... it's all connected. Notice your underlying beliefs and the stories you hold. Awareness alone can be enough to create a shift or a path forward.

Cock Anatomy

Cock anatomy isn't as straightforward as you might think! There's actually a lot going on down there. In this short video (taken from a previous live masterclass) we take a look at some anatomy diagrams... some of which might surprise you!

Landing in the Body

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Embark on a journey of deeper connection with our "Loving Men" course. Navigate challenges, cultivate a sexually alive connection, and leave with a toolkit to enhance intimacy.

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