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External pleasure


Learn 22 techniques for achieving external pleasure, zoomed on two real vulvas without filters. 75 min of video.

Legendary Lover

Couples & IntimacyCaitlin V

Unlock your full potential in intimacy with this comprehensive course, ensuring your transformation into a legendary lover equipped with unmatched confidence and passion.

Intimate Massages

EssentialsLibby Sheppard

Enhance your connection and pleasure with intimate massage. Discover 80+ touch techniques, essential anatomy, effective communication, and relaxation skills through expertly guided video tutorials.

Internal pleasure


Learn how to give and receive more pleasure through internal stimulation. Includes 47 internal techniques, plus 2D animations seen "from the inside." 74min of video.

Mindful Masturbation

Meditation & SpiritualityLibby Sheppard

Discover empowerment through self-exploration. Elevate your confidence with tasteful video tutorials, hands-on exercises, and expert insights.

Genitals Worship

Couples & IntimacyKiki Maree

Welcome to 'Lingam and Yoni Worship,' an immersive online course inviting individuals of all gender identities to embark on a journey of profound sensuality, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

G spot bliss

EssentialsAida Lucie

Embark on a sensual voyage with our online course dedicated to G-spot and squirting orgasms. It's time to awaken your desires and experience the extraordinary.

Come When You Want

EssentialsCaitlin V

Discover an unconventional method to overcome premature ejaculation, granting you effortless control over your orgasm and extending your endurance up to 22 times longer.

Squirt School

Kink & BDSMRosie Rees

"Squirt School" is empowering online course designed to support you in the art of G spot orgasm and female ejaculation. Join us and learn how to squirt during self pleasure and how to let go and squirt with your partner!

Yoni Massage Fundamentals

EssentialsBonnie Bliss

This program is designed to teach you exactly how to offer a partner a whole-body sensual massage and a yoni massage, with instructional videos to demonstrate the techniques.

The Passion Playbook

Couples & IntimacyAida Lucie

This online course teaching women how to become an irresistible sexual lover, feel widely confident in the bedroom, exude sex appeal and learn sexual techniques to blow your partner's mind in bed!

Hard As You Want

Sexual healthCaitlin V

An all-natural, holistic program designed to help you achieve firmer, longer-lasting, and reliable erections without the need for pills, supplements, medical consultations, or procedures.

Mastering squirting

Kink & BDSMLola Jean

Discover the secrets of squirting, both with and without sex toys. Unveil the truth about this elusive phenomenon, debunk myths and concerns, and delve into the intricacies of the pelvic floor anatomy.

Date Nights

Couples & IntimacyYves Bonroy

Embark on an intimate journey with our 'Date Nights' courses. In just 90 minutes, experience transformative tantric practices, real-life demos, and engaging exercises, deepening your bond with your partner.

Solving Premature Ejaculation

Sexual healthThe Intimacy Institute

Premature ejaculation affects many men, regardless of their age. If you or your partner ejaculate faster than you'd like, this mastercourse is designed to help.

Make Her Squirt

Kink & BDSMCaitlin V

Unleash unparalleled pleasure with "Make Her Squirt". Dive into step-by-step techniques for mind-blowing, squirting orgasms, building confidence in the bedroom.

Sacred Sex

Meditation & SpiritualityAida Lucie

The course is a mix of theory videos and follow along exercises and rituals. The theory videos are there to orient your mind and shift your inner attitude towards sex. The exercises are practices to learn to circulate sexual energy in your being.

Liberated Woman

EssentialsElisa Caro

Unleash a transformative journey with this course. Discover the secrets to elevating your sex life, achieving mind-blowing orgasms, and cultivating deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.

Tantra exercices

Meditation & SpiritualityCLIMAX

Dive into our comprehensive course featuring 6 audio guides that cover tantra, meditation, solo exploration, and partner connection, all designed to enrich and deepen your intimate experiences.

Sensual Vulva Massage

EssentialsJaya Shivani

Elevate your intimate experiences and explore the art of vulva pleasure through expert-guided yoni massage tutorials.

Devotional Massage

Couples & IntimacyYves Bonroy

Embark on a transformative journey with this course, where love and attention are devoted to both partners, creating a space for profound connection, pleasure, and relaxation.

Epic Relationship

Couples & IntimacyCaitlin V

Epic Relationships teaches you how to face the darkest parts of your relationship… But it also teaches you how to build the positives in a fast, easy, and genuinely enjoyable way.

Epic Lovers

Couples & IntimacyCaitlin V

This spicy, sultry and fun, module based program allows you to finally connect to your partner on a deeper level than ever before.


Kink & BDSMLola Jean

This online course responds to the demand for informative and sensual resources on the art of pegging that go beyond the simplistic 'use lubrication and take it slowly'.

Art of Love Making

Couples & IntimacyKiki Maree

Embark on a transformative journey into deeper intimacy. Discover a canvas for your unique sexual story through meaningful experiments. Leave past experiences behind and embrace this exploration.

Loving Men

Couples & IntimacyBonnie Bliss

Embark on a journey of deeper connection with our "Loving Men" course. Navigate challenges, cultivate a sexually alive connection, and leave with a toolkit to enhance intimacy.

Relationship & Intimacy

Couples & IntimacyElla Shannon

Explore 12 enriching lessons to share with your partner, all within the familiar embrace of your own home. This course is your path to deepening your connection and expressing your love in a way that truly resonates with your partner.

The art of Shibari

Kink & BDSMVoudouRopes

Shibari Mastery is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for anyone interested in exploring the art of Shibari and developing their skills as a rope artist.

Anal Sex Mastery

Kink & BDSMPleasure Mechanics

This course is the key to expanding your sexual pleasure and overcoming the barriers around anal sex that are holding you back. Our revolutionary approach to anal pleasure will transform your relationship to your sexuality.

Reclaim your pleasure

EssentialsBonnie Bliss

With "Reclaim your pleasure", you will release patterns of numbness & disconnection and start living a more connected, resilient, pleasure-fuelled life. Use this powerful holistic method to feel delicious aliveness in your whole body.

Next Level Intimacy

EssentialsBonnie Bliss

Elevate your intimate moments with "Next Level Intimacy", a self-paced program designed for couples seeking deeper connections and enhanced pleasure.

Choking for pleasure

Kink & BDSMLola Jean

Choking can add an exciting dimension to your intimate experiences. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced explorer, this course is your opportunity to embrace this positive aspect of sensuality.

Prostate Massage

Kink & BDSMPleasure Mechanics

Unlock the secrets of prostate massage and elevate your sexual pleasure with our comprehensive online course. Discover the techniques and knowledge to explore this exciting realm of male sexuality.

Tao Erotic Massage

Couples & IntimacyYves Bonroy

Immerse in profound intimacy with our Tao Erotic Massage course. Explore the art of love, touch, and Taoist techniques for heightened connection and energy flow.

Sacred Sexual Self Care

Meditation & Spirituality Miriam Ropschitz

Unlock the power of sacred self-care and sexual awakening. Embrace a profound journey into your authentic sexual essence with our online course.

Solving erectile dysfunction

Sexual healthThe Intimacy Institute

Erectile dysfunction impacts many people of all ages. If you struggle to obtain and/or maintain an erection, this mastercourse is for you.

Erotic Spanking

Kink & BDSMPleasure Mechanics

Unlock the world of erotic spanking, an enticing fantasy enjoyed by individuals of all genders. Dive into this course for comprehensive guidance on the art of giving and receiving sensual spankings.

Self sourced

Couples & IntimacyAida Lucie

8 transformative feminine embodiment practices that can have a profound impact on your journey of rediscovering sensuality and feminine radiance.

Menstrual cycle wellness

Sexual healthLisa de Jong

An online course to create self-care around the menstrual cycle to ease any physical suffering and cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.

Pelvic Blossoming

EssentialsKiki Maree

Embark on a transformative journey to enhance intimacy and self-awareness. Reconnect with your body, overcome self-acceptance challenges, and discover a more fulfilling and empowered self.


Kink & BDSMLola Jean

Looking for an excuse to get sweaty with your partner? You don't have to be dom, sub, kinky, or experienced for this class. Discover the playful side of wrestling and playfighting, turning it into an exciting and sensual experience.

Feeling more Pleasure

Meditation & SpiritualitySinsia

Do you ever find yourself thinking, 'I wish I could feel more connected to my body and experience more pleasure, but I'm not quite sure where to begin'? If this thought resonates with you, then this course could be the perfect fit.

It’s a Match: Your Dating Companion

EssentialsLilian Czolbe

"It's a Match" is a transformative online dating course redefining your quest for love in the digital era. This course explores every facet of online dating, from crafting profiles to navigating challenges of rejection and heartbreak.

Endometriosis: a self-care journey

Sexual healthLisa de Jong

A mini e-course to support you in your journey of self-care and endometriosis. Anyone who has or might have endometriosis knows well how difficult this condition can be.

Yoni Gazing Ceremony

Meditation & SpiritualityJocelyn Silva

Unveil the mysteries of your own vulva with our "Yoni Gazing Ceremony." This empowering course transforms confusion into confidence, leaving you feeling empowered, secure, and intimately connected with your body.

Sex after Menopause

Sexual healthDr Lauren Brim

Discover the secrets to vibrant sexual vitality beyond menopause. Explore new depths of desire and pleasure, and reclaim your sexual confidence with expert guidance.

Mindful Sexuality

EssentialsElisa Caro

Unlock the power of Tantra for mindful sexuality and deeper connection.

Sex and Pregnancy

Sexual healthDr Lauren Brim

This course offers invaluable guidance on navigating the realms of desire, pleasure, and intimacy during this sacred and often challenging period.

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